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Your time is now.

Can you maintain focus in a world of insurmountable distraction?

How can you filter out the infinite amount of information that best pertains to your livelihood?

Do you feel complacent in life or know intrinsically that there are habits and decisions to be absorbed that will mold you into a more optimal human being, but just don’t know where to look?

Self-Sovereignty & Digital Wealth

The goal of this newsletter is to bring forth educational topics about the Bitcoin Network, Digital Resources for gaining wealth, and the Cyber Culture’s implications on the future of society. As well as writing discussions that encourage reigniting critical thinking and open-mindedness back to the forefront of human values.

If you are interested in individual freedom of choice within your daily life, compounding interest (in the financial sense, as well as the daily habitual sense), and constantly learning through sharing knowledge, this newsletter is for you. Molding a path of personal wealth and wellbeing can begin whenever you choose to.

The biggest wealth transfer and financial revolution is happening before the world’s eyes… Few understand. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this?

The Information Age.

The abundance of information and opportunities can be overwhelming in modern-day society. Distractions are everywhere and how you utilize your attention and judgement is more important now more than ever.

We are on the cusp of the beginning of a Digital Revolution. An era of the Information Age that is lifting off. From the Hunter Gatherer era, to the Agricultural and the Industrial, human civilization has just begun its journey within the Information Age.

Most people currently feel accustomed to mini computers within their pockets all day long. It just feels normal to be able to access whatever topic of information you desire in the split of a second. To be able to communicate with individuals around the globe. The Cyber World is thriving with opportunity and has given birth to a "Cyber Economy". But do you use it to your future advantage?

Choose Wisely…

Are you ready to take a courageous leap? Do you want to invest into your long-term future?

The Digital Nomad path is right here for the taking. It's just whether you have the willpower and hunger to take on ownership and opening your mind.

Only you can decide.

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  • Become a Futuristic Investor within the Digital World.

  • Discussions of Health, Wealth, Wisdom, and many more thought-provoking topics that will continuously engage you towards a journey of growth.

  • Investing into Bitcoin and other digital assets is a great leap towards taking care of your future self, but we all need to know how to secure it smartly after ownership. This newsletter will provide just that.

  • Optimistic events and news around the world that will keep you informed and updated on how to adapt to the ever-changing world of innovation.

Self-Sovereignty awaits you. Which path will you choose?

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